Rana Dirani Mcclenahan

ranaFounder of Saifi Institute and head instructor. She began teaching Arabic in 2000 and since then she has not stopped.
Rana's vision that to succeed in a field no matter what you must believe in what you are doing and pursue your goals rather than just thinking of things as a matter of temporary survival. In addition, creating a positive environment for teachers, administration, the campus, classes and students, is the vision she has for Saifi Institute.

Nada Dirani Balkis

nadaNada is a mother of two beautiful baby girls Naya and Melia who you might have bumped into them at Saifi, medical and her husband Sohail is the accountant and is always at the reception, ambulance so you must meet him if you come to Saifi!

She is full of energy and joy, loves training teachers on a regular basis to keep them up to date on what is the new in the curriculum. She is also the master of evaluation and hosting students on their first time experience in Arabic.