Nada Dirani Balkis

nadaNada in addition to her role as a partner and Academic Director at Saifi Institute, Nada is the first teacher who was trained under Rana's supervision in 2002. Learned the technique of teaching the Arabic Language to foreigners, and taught it to Saifi' s teachers later on.

She really loves teaching the language in a serious but fun and smooth way, by integrating a lot of visual and Audio activities in her classes, and she never let you feel pressured from learning, in fact you will enjoy her classes ultimately.

If you are looking for supper patient teacher and loving one, Nada is that person.

Nivine Dirani

nivineShe started teaching Arabic for foreigners in 2008 and after six years of teaching experience joined Saifi Institute in 2014.

Nivine's passion to teach Arabic pushes her toward challenging herself by learning new teaching methods and especially the unique style used by Saifi Institute.

She enjoys the diversity of students her classes bring every term and appreciates that they are committed to be in one place for the mutual purpose of learning Arabic.

Nivine has two daughters Rawan (12 years) and Razan (9 years) and she would love to tell you about them only under one condition of speaking Arabic the whole conversation.

Hanadi Jaber

hanadiShe joined the team in 2012, as the special private tutor. She was trained under the supervision of Nada and works hard to improve herself, even though she doesn't speak English well she has made this into a strength of her teaching style.

Students love taking private classes with her, to discuss different topics only in Arabic. She loves to challenge herself and learn new stuff, in addition she is very sweet, patient and giving person.

She graduated from the Lebanese University from the department of History. She loves cooking and trying new food with different recipes. So if you want to win her heart, cook for her.

Hanadi is a mother of two children, Yara and Nader and she is dedicating her life to them.

Ahmad Orfaly

ahmadWhen he applied to work at Saifi, story he got accepted as an administrator for the school and the hotel. Originally was to work for Saifi institute. When there was vacancies to work as an Arabic tutor, he got the chance to practice what he likes to do, which is teaching Arabic.

He received his training by Nada Dirani and joined Saifi in 2015 as an Arabic teacher.

Admad likes to meet new people and assist them with big warm heart. If you ask him for a help in Arabic, be sure that he will do it right away.

Shirine Saad

shirine-saifiIs a dedicated wife and mother. She started working as an Arabic teacher around 2006, pills and received full training by Nada Dirani Balkis. Shirine is a brilliant teacher, who is very positive and happy all the time, which makes learning Arabic fun and more productive.

Shirine is graduated from the Lebanese university and has a degree of Arabic literature. She loves teaching Arabic.

Beside that she is very positive and happy person, she also likes fashion and coming to work with elegant look. So if you would like to go for shopping and you need a help, Shirine is the one!

Sara Jouni

saraSara is one of the first teachers who started working at Saifi. She is the head teacher.

Her teaching career in Urban Arabic is as old as Saifi Institute, since she started when it was founded in 2008 and was trained in the hands of Rana.

She is very patient, loves challenging herself, and motivates students to learn and speak fast. That is why in her classes she pushes the students to try to speak only in Arabic as possible as they can.
Formal Arabic is her major. She graduated from Lebanese university as a BA from the Arabic literature department.

Saifi witnessed many beautiful changes in Sara's life, from meeting her life partner, to having a beautiful baby boy and her first whose name is Amir.

Besides teaching, she likes to play basketball and writes poems.

Nadine Zayyoun

nadineNadine joined the Saifi team in 2012, hospital discount and was trained under the supervision of Nada.
She likes having committed students who study well and submit their homework on time. She seems tough but in fact she is very sweet and enjoys teaching her classes with a lot of passion and enthusiasm.

Nadine graduated from the Lebanese University, troche from the department of Media and Journalism. She is a mother of a beautiful little girl named Rama.

She is very patient and timid, and if she is happy with your work, she will do fun activities in her classes, especially cooking.

Firas Dabbagh

Firas DabbaghFiras is a journalist and blogger since 2008, buy He received his training by Nada before joining Saifi institute in September 2016.

He has a bachelor degree in Law from the Lebanese University.

Firas likes reading a lot, doing yoga, ski and watching his favourite football team FC Barcelona.

He has a very cool personality that gets along with everyone.   Don’t hesitate to chat with him in Arabic

Inas Cherri

inasscehrriInas Cherri is a digital editor at Al-Hayat newsparper. She received her training by Nada who has known her long time ago since high school, link and joined Saifi institute in 2015. Even though her teaching journey is short, pill still she did great so far with her vibe and good energy in her classes.

She has 5 years old boy Daniel but she is a single mother.

If you have any question about politics, style of writing or editing... she is the one who you would ask.

Sana Hemadeh

sanaSana joined Saifi term in 2013, sale and was trained under the supervision of Nada.

When she applied for her work, doctor she assured to the school administrators that she will be chosen among everyone else.

She is very committed to her classes and love to teach new students and classes.

She was graduated from the Education department of the Lebanese University, click and worked as a teacher in the gulf.

Her personality is very friendly and happy. Sana is a grandmother, and a mother of two kids. She loves her grandchildren and her theory is once you have them, you will love them more than your kids.