How to Register & Fees

Every term, discount Saifi offers a list of group classes to students at different levels. Any student above beginner level will be evaluated before joining a class to ensure he or she is placed in the right course for his or her level. Each group class hosts up to 10 students per class, site and requires a minimum of 3 students to start one. Sometimes during the high season, see Saifi accepts up to 12 students per class.

Classes are offered all year in eight 5-week terms. You can apply at any time for one of the courses that Saifi offers, Registration opens 3-4 months before each term and continues until the term begins or the classes fill up. We often add classes to the schedule when classes become full or if there is high demand for a specific class.

How To Register?

If you are an absolute beginner to the Arabic language you can register online or in person for any of the beginners classes listed on the class schedule.

If you are a non-beginner you must complete an evaluation before registering in order to determine the class level that best fits your ability. After your evaluation you are welcome to pick any of the available classes and either register in person or email us your request. When we have received your request and confirmed your level we will invoice you online.

Registration is only complete when all class fees have been paid. Refunds are available for withdrawal prior to the beginning of class (please read our policy).

Check here for information about registering for private class.

Group Class Fee:

Saifi offers two types of courses:

  • Intensive courses cost $675 for 75 studying hours. The course is comprised of five 3-hour classes a week (Monday – Friday). These classes are run during the day in the morning or the afternoon. Students studying this course will advance through an entire level in 5 weeks. So for example, students who successfully complete the intensive intermediate course will be eligible to take the advanced course the following term. This course is suitable for people who want to develop their Arabic quickly and who have come to Lebanon for the purpose of studying Arabic.
  • Regular courses are $270 for 30 studying hours, divided into 6 hours per week and 3 hours per session. These classes are run during the evening from 5pm until 8pm Monday to Friday. Students studying this course will advance through half a level. So for example, a student who successfully completes the intermediate low course will be eligible to start the intermediate high course the following term. These classes are suitable for people working in Lebanon or who have other commitments during the day.

* Books prices are not included in the course fees.