Lebanon might have more Holidays, anniversaries, memorials (assassinations, massacres and wars) than any other country due to its extremely rocky history and its diverse and divided population.

For example Lebanon still celebrates its independence from France (Independence Day), from the Ottoman Empire (Republic Day), and from Israel (Liberation Day).

Saifi institute policy regarding vacations and holidays:

Saifi institute closes only for some Lebanese holidays (see our Term Calendar, teacher will inform their classes of all holidays. Do not assume Saifi will close if banks and government institutions are closed. All days missed due to holidays or due to any unexpected event that forces the school to close will be made up during the make-up week at the end of every term.

Holiday Greetings

Similar Arabic expressions to use for each event, because the word holidays are considered a happy event, so you can use happy greetings, however, when it's a memorial you should be careful to use the correct term showing your respect and understanding, whether it was death, assassination or massacre.