Proficient level Introduction

For many students, being able to read the newspaper, a book or even listening to political speeches is their goal in learning Arabic. And that's why Saifi institute has created courses at the upper advanced level for those who wish to attain that level of fluency.

It might sound unrealistic to many of us, but it is not! This is because our classes have been developed and tested over the last 14 years with students from all over the world. Students of ours who started from scratch have successfully achieved this level of Arabic at Saifi. Our teaching style for this course is the same for all our courses and is similar to a pyramid. Students start by building a strong foundation in vocabulary and grammar as they progress up through the course levels.

The advanced courses were designed by qualified teachers who asked themselves: What needs to be learnt in order for someone to speak, discuss and listen to native speakers about topics that involve social issues, economy, culture, and most important politics?

In the Upper-Advanced level, we start with a course designed to teach students to understand the differences between words in Formal Arabic and Amiyyeh, to prevent students from getting confused between Formal Arabic and Amiyyeh. This is the priority initially, rather than focusing on the meaning of the article they are reading or the speech they are listening too.

This method of teaching has been used for a long time and students enjoy it greatly which also assists with learning. Saifi Institute offers this class every term to those who are looking to achieve this goal. It is hard at the beginning but the results are so fulfilling and satisfying for the student once they start to discuss topics that interest them.