Proficient Level Course Catalogue

The proficient level is another era of students' progress into the Arabic language.

At this level, students need at least between 4-8 regular courses in order to become proficient. And the more students deepen their study into this level, the more they speak and can integrate fluently among people like native speakers and switch back and forth between Formal Arabic and Urban Arabic.

Saifi focuses in this level on Media from different resources and Lebanese Movies/ shows.

And divided it into parts that each represents a theme.

Each part is 60 hours, divided between 30 hours Media, and 30 hours Lebanese Movie. Those could be taken together or one at a time.

Lebanese Movies

Materials: Movie DVD, generic and Movie script/workbook

30 hours

For advanced students who want to deepen their understanding Lebanese culture and the society.  Both the social problems facing the Lebanese society, and the other good side of the society, will be brought up in the movies and classroom activities.

Media, Conversation and Translation Part 1

Materials provided during class are Arabic media articles and worksheets

30 hours

The objective of the Media, Conversation & Translation courses is to emphasize the holistic nature of the Arabic language – both spoken and written. The goal is to read, listen and understand the emotions and values of original authors/speakers while maintaining the integrity of the work, and to express one’s self clearly; i.e. to find the necessary balance between the scientific study of language and the inherent creativity of the process of communication.

This course shall teach the students to have a feel for the context of the Arabic press and be able to match the author's original intent. Therefore, the students are expected to learn the basic concepts and approaches of translation. Then within the framework of those concepts and approaches, they will study, translate and discuss short and simple texts in terms of syntax and discourse, and get the chance to expand their terminology. The problems faced in trying to understand, the solutions and their appropriateness will be addressed progressively.