Proficient Level Materials

Saifi Institute offers a series of special classes for students at the proficient level of Urban or Formal Arabic that examine social, cultural, economic and political issues in the Arab world. These courses are designed to help students improve their spoken abilities when discussing these issues, enrich their vocabulary and deepen their understanding of the Arab speaking world. These classes are based on two main sources of material: movies and the media.

The movie classes use Lebanese films to explore and explain Arab culture as well as improving students' listening skills and use of vernacular expressions. The classes offered progress in difficulty to enhance student skills. Classes start with movies that use a more basic vocabulary and progress up to movies with a more sophisticated dialogue that covers complex topics.

The media, conversation and translation class series use local, regional and international Arabic language newspapers as well as the Arabic television media (political speeches and news programmes) to improve students' translation, listening and spoken skills. In addition, the media courses enable students to understand news programmes and political speeches where both Formal Arabic and Urban Arabic are used interchangeably.

The classes are based on themes, which prevent students from feeling overwhelmed by the material and enables them to take a piece-by-piece approach to mastering such advanced topics.

Movie Class

This course enhances the listening and comprehending. Students are provided with the script of the offered movie, pills written in the language that is spoken and its accent. Students have to read the script and get ready to the listening part.

In class the teacher will show two or three scenes of the movie, see and addresses questions based on what they heard and seen.
They have to discuss those ideas, and explain what is "behind the stage", means that they have to explain the culture, idioms and expressions, in addition to the scene itself. Also exercises on each scene are included with the given script.

Media, conversation and translation

Many students think that in order to be able to read the newspapers and understand it, pharm urges them to learn Formal Arabic.

This course is one of the most interesting courses of the Urban Arabic series of Saifi Institute; it diminishes this wrong theory and proves that even if you did not learn Fusha you can read the newspapers and Arabic literature books...

Students who are studying FA or UA can join this course without having an advantage from one student on another.