Urban Arabic Materials

The Urban Arabic series is the first curriculum of its kind that was created by Saifi Institute for Arabic Language, to teach the spoken language in the way the Lebanese do (specific accent) and the surrounding countries like Syria, Palestine and Jordan.

Five series books are connected to each other, and well planned to be taught one after another to show the student their way of progress from one level to another.

The way these books work is by teaching from beginning levels to write, read and speak properly.

Writing and Reading requires learning the Alphabets, which covers Book 1 and is taught in a very friendly and smart way to students, and speaking requires Book 2, Book 3, Book 4 and Book 5 to become a fluent speaker and Book 6 to become like an educated Arab.

The speaking part focus on teaching the grammar of the spoken language that will allow students to function properly and become flexible with their conversations by conjugating verbs and nouns, to phrasing sentences with subject, object and all the tricks of the language, to learning vocabulary through themes that are tailored to fit the students' needs and level of progress.

Urban Arabic book series are: