Urban Arabic Book 3: Elementary Levantine Arabic

Urban Arabic Book 3 enables you to communicate in Arabic with the full range of basic grammatical tools and an increasing variety of vocabulary – in addition, the side effects of comfort with the Arabic script will begin to show: you will recognize and understand more and more of the written communication of daily life.
Introduced in Book 3 are important vocabulary such as numbers, family members and colors, in addition to fundamental grammatical concepts: adjectives, past tense verbs, progressive, . These topics complete the beginner level of Urban Arabic and serve as the foundation for flexible and adaptive communication in the Arab world - the goal of Urban Arabic.
In conversations, you will be liberated from the constraints of the present tense. Book 3 will enable you to explain experiences in the past and thoughts about the future. Reading and writing the Arabic script will become faster and more natural for you throughout the book. The street signs, names, menus and advertisements that pervade life in the Arabic world will go from being an unintelligible impediment to a source of information and a basis for interaction with your surroundings.
Once you have completed Book 3, you will be able to interject your own personality, history and opinions into conversations; you will be able to "catch" fragments of Arabic speakers' lives that you would have otherwise missed. At this level, much will remain murky in any Arabic language interaction - however, the significant additions to your toolbox should help you to build confidence, encouraging your Arabic friends to continue the conversation beyond mere formalities.


These topics are covered in Book 3:
• Weak Present Tense Verbs الأفْعَال المُضارعة الضّعيفة
• Repetition Mood Marker عم التِّكْرارِية
• Business, Travel And Tourism
• Numbers
• How Do We Count?
• How Many And How Much? كَم و قَدَّيش؟
• Words About Food & Cooking
• Imperative Mood الأَمِر
• Words About Traffic & Transportation
• The Family
• Adjective Forms أَوزَان الصِّفات
• Adjective Functionإسْتِعْمال الصفات
• Derived Adjectives النِّسْبة
• Past Tense Verbs أفْعال الماضي
• Words To Indicate The Timeframe Of A Sentence
• The Agent-Noun إسم الفاعِل
• Utility Verb: كان
• Connection-Noun إِسم موصول
• Colors 139
• Comparative And Superlative Adjectives: المُقارَنة و التَّفضيل
• Clothes & Shopping
• Months Of The Year, Holidays And Occasions