Urban Arabic Book 4: Intermediate Levantine Arabic

Urban Arabic Book 4 will help the intermediate student of Levantine spoken and written Arabic, to gain a functional ability to communicate with native speakers in any situation.

The conversational skills of Book 3 are supplemented with a host of tools that will enable the non-native speaker to express detailed concepts more clearly and to understand more of the subtleties of Arabic communication.
Book 4 contains extensive vocabulary sections with topics ranging from crime to the body. These sections enable the interested student to gain solid understanding of many of the topics of daily conversation and life in the Arab world and the tools to explore them further. This book also completes the explanation of all derived verb forms and conjugations commonly used by native speakers. In addition, the complex sentences used so often in daily conversation to explain cause-effect, and dependency between things, are unpacked and explained in several lessons about "relative pronouns" and "subordinate conjunctions".
At the intermediate level practice is an important part of becoming comfortable with all the grammatical concepts and the vocabulary. And, more advanced reading and writing exercises encourage the student to practice the grammatical tools and vocabulary from all three Urban Arabic books to decifer realistic texts and write responses that would be legible to a native speaker. While the book exercises provide many opportunities to put new skills to the test, there is no substitute for daily self-study and conversation with native speakers, and advanced proficiency in Arabic cannot be gained without it.

These topics are covered in Book 4:

• Direct, Indirect & Second Object-Pronouns
• The Body And Health
• Utility Verb: صار
• Ordinal Numbers
• Gerunds المصادر
• Words For Business And Hobbies
• Linking Ideas With Conjunctions
• Indefinite Pronouns
• Passive Verb الفِعل المَجْهول
• Object-Noun إسِم المَفْعول
• Still, More & Just: بعد
• Derived Adverbs الظرف و الحال
• Words About Events
• Exclusion الإسْتِثْناء