Urban Arabic Course Catalogue & Syllabi

Saifi classes are offered on either intensive pace or regular.

Intensive targets to finish one whole level, and are offered each term on a fixed basis as following:
Beginner Intensive, Elementary Intensive, Intermediate Intensive.
Each intensive course include 75 hours, divided over 5 weeks, 15 hours per week, 3 hours per day.
In addition, intensive requires at least 2 hours of studying and homework for each day of class.

Regular targets to finish half of level, means that it takes two terms to finish one whole level. Most of the following courses are offered each term on a fixed basis as following:

  • Beginner- Low | Beginner- High
  • Elementary- Low | Elementary- High
  • Intermediate- Low | Intermediate- High
  • Advanced- Low | Advanced- High
  • Educated- Low | Educated- High
  • Proficient- Low | Proficient- High

Each regular course include 30 hours, divided over 5 weeks, 6 hours per week, 3 hours per day. Additionally, these courses are mostly offered in the afternoon.

Below is a comparison to show how long does it take to finish one complete level if a student is taking intensive vs. regular or vice versa. Check the charts below:


Names of the classes in the course catalogue:

Urban Arabic Beginner :: Intensive
Urban Arabic Beginner-Low :: Regular
Urban Arabic Beginner-High :: Regular
Urban Arabic Beginner Conversation :: Regular
Urban Arabic Elementary :: Intensive
Urban Arabic Elementary-Low :: Regular
Urban Arabic Elementary-High :: Regular
Urban Arabic Elementary Conversation :: Regular
Urban Arabic Intermediate :: Intensive
Urban Arabic Intermediate- Low :: Regular
Urban Arabic Intermediate- High :: Regular
Urban Arabic Intermediate “Music Class” :: Regular
Urban Arabic Advanced- Low :: Regular
Urban Arabic Advanced- High :: Regular
Urban Arabic Educated- Low :: Regular
Urban Arabic Educated- High :: Regular