Annual Attendance & Anniversary

Saifi Anniversary

Since 2008, on January 10, Saifi celebrates its anniversary with current and former students, teachers and other members of the Saifi community. This is a time to celebrate, see old friends and classmates and meet the people behind Saifi.

Saifi Attendance

Every year Saifi Institute for Arabic language hosts students from all over the world. They come to pursue their dream of learning the Arabic language, considered one of the hardest languages in the world. Journalists, families, Lebanese immigrants, diplomats and even university students have all attended classes at Saifi.

Saifi courses are already tailored to fit students' needs at all levels, from absolute beginner courses (learning how to write, read and speak), to learning topics about business and work life, social issues, political topics and understanding the media. If there is a special demand for specific topics, Saifi will tailor classes upon request.

Saifi holds eight terms each year, and each term we receive on average between 80-100 students in the low season and between 95-120 in the high season.

At the end of their study, students who leave Saifi to go back to their usual occupation, leave not just with what they learned, but with happy memories of the experience of learning at Saifi: the helpful teaching methods and materials, the great teachers and the warm and friendly atmosphere.