Evaluation Test

Unless the student is a total beginner with no previous experience of learning Arabic, he/she is required (this is not optional) to take an evaluation test before registering for any Arabic language course. The test takes around 10 minutes and consists of a simple conversation about issues related to personal life, daily routine and business, including word conjugations, prepositions, pronouns and, depending on the level of knowledge, some reading.

A member of staff is available every weekday between 12:00 and 4:00 pm (Beirut time) to conduct evaluations with prospective students. Evaluations can be done either by phone or in person. No appointment is needed.

After the evaluation the evaluator will inform the student of his/her level of proficiency and will provide information on the options available to them in relation to their proficiency. If a student turns out to be in-between two levels, but close to the level slightly higher than their current ability, we usually advise him/her to take a few hours of private tutoring to catch up before the term starts in order to join the desired class. This enables the student to save time and progress more swiftly on their learning journey.

Oftentimes an applicant has a level of speaking that is much higher than his/her level of writing. In this case 10 -15 hours of private tutoring can be taken before joining a Saifi course because all our learning material and teaching is conducted in the Arabic script (unless you are a complete beginner). Alternatively the prospective student can study on his/her own before taking another evaluation test focusing on reading and writing.

After evaluation, it is always required that the applicant email Saifi their class choice even if they expressed interest verbally (see "How to Register").

Unfortunately, Saifi cannot not conduct evaluations on Skype under any circumstances.
This is due to the limitations of the electricity supply and internet connection in Lebanon which are not reliable. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.