Grading System

Every student at Saifi is required to try his or her best and take a serious approach to learning Arabic both in and outside the class. For this reason, attendance, participation, homework and ability are graded and a final grade is issued to each student after each term. Learners receiving a failing grade will need to retake their course in order to receive a certificate or advance to the next level.

Grades are calculated according to the following scheme:

Attendance, participation & homework (APH).

 Attendance 25%
 Mid-Term Exam 15%
 Homework 10%
 Bonus 10%
 Final Term Exam 40%


Letter grades are issued according to the following system to all students who have taken the Final Term exam for their course:

 A  95+
 B  75-94
 C  65-74
 D  55-64
 F  Under 55


Attendance & Participation

  • Students are required to attend and participate in class. Participation means being an engaged student: asking and answering questions, not simply attending class.
  • The use of cell phones and audio players is prohibited during class. If you must take a phone call, please leave the classroom immediately and do not return until you have ended the phone call.
  • The use of a laptop computer is permitted during class only for the purpose of taking notes. Use of a laptop for other activities will result in a minus grade for attendance & participation on that day.

Homework assignments

  • Reading and writing assignments must be completed before class.
  • You are responsible for the material in all assignments, in case of absence.
  • Failure to submit the homework assignments will decrease the student's overall homework grade.

Mid-Term & Final Test