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Friendly Atmosphere.

Meet, practice and collaborate on Saifi's campus: a vibrant cultural setting including gardens, art studios, live music, cafe, and bar.


Experience and energy.

Saifi is a teacher-run institute with one focus: teaching Arabic as a second language.


Urban Arabic.

Our student-centered curriculum will help you interact with Arab society and culture on a personal level using the spoken and written forms of Arabic used by Arabs in their daily lives.


Lots of Courses.

Over 20 courses offered every term. Whether you're taking classes at Saifi's Beirut campus or online there is a class that's right for you.

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Saifi Immersive Arabic Summer Program (SIASP)

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Urban Arabic: Spoken Arabic Curriculum.

Saifi Institute for Arabic Language was created to fill a gap in Arabic instruction left by formal (Modern Standard) Arabic courses and curriculum: the need to understand and communicate in the spoken form of Arabic most commonly used by Arabs in their homes, businesses and amongst friends. Saifi Institute's Urban Arabic curriculum is the culmination of this effort, based on the input of thousands of students and years of hard work. It focuses on the Arabic Lebanese (and Syrians, and Palestinians) use in daily life. Whether ordering food, negotiating prices, reading the news or hosting business meetings, our curriculum will teach you what you need to know to communicate effectively.

Urban Arabic is a comprehensive and systematic approach to spoken Arabic for the absolute beginner to the Arab ex-patriot brushing up on their skills. Urban Arabic uses both Arabic script (عربي) and the "Arabic chat alphabet" (3arabi).

  • Beginner to Advanced levels
  • Student centered curriculum
  • Complete Urban Arabic Dictionary
  • Comprehensive Urban Arabic Grammar

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