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24jun(jun 24)12:00 am30jul(jul 30)12:00 amSummer Term 2 & SIASP

Saifi Immersive Arabic Summer Program (SIASP)

24 June – 30 July 2024

Make today the day to learn Arabic!

ONLY in Five weeks!!


Only totally beginners can register for SIASP this year !!

Launched in 2017, the Saifi Institute Arabic Summer Program (SIASP) has consistently hosted over 30 students from diverse backgrounds each year. Our program is an intensive and immersive experience designed for students eager to dive deep into Arabic language and Middle Eastern culture. Based in the heart of Lebanon, SIASP provides a rigorous academic schedule combined with enriching cultural activities.

Program Overview

Intensive Language Classes:


You will engage in six hours of language instruction from Monday to Friday, complemented by daily homework assignments. This structure allows students to complete two full levels in Levantine (Urban) Arabic within the program’s duration.


Cultural Immersion:


Beyond language acquisition, SIASP offers a chance to live the language. You will immerse yourself in Lebanon’s vibrant culture, exploring its rich history, diverse cuisine, and unique societal norms.


Excursions and Activities:


The program includes a variety of field trips and special cultural activities to enhance your learning experience. Enjoy film nights featuring Arabic cinema, music and traditional dance sessions, storytelling, and lectures on Middle Eastern history and politics by Lebanon’s renowned scholars, journalists, and experts.

  • Music and Dance Courses: Featuring Lebanese songs, these sessions enhance listening skills and deepen cultural immersion.
  • Cooking Classes: Introduce students to Oriental cuisine, combining culinary skills with language learning in a fun, interactive setting.
  • Movie Classes: Watch and discuss Lebanese films or series, improving listening skills and cultural understanding.
  • Local Tours and Trips: Guided tours around the city and excursions outside of Beirut to explore its history, culture, and traditions.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00- 10:30 AM Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class Trip
10:30- 10:45 AM Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Cooking class
10:45-12:00 PM Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class
12:00-1:00 PM Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
1:00-2:15 PM Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class
2:15-2:30 PM Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
2:30- 4:00 PM Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class Arabic class
TBD Culture orientation Storytelling Lebanese Movie Lecture

What to Expect from SIASP

SIASP provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience Lebanon firsthand, meet fellow Arabic language learners, and make significant strides in your Arabic proficiency. Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to build on your existing skills, this program is tailored to accelerate your learning effectively.

1-What is the daily schedule like?

Classes run from Monday to Friday (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM) as following:

  • 9:00 AM- 10:30 AM Arabic class
  • 10:30 – 10:45 AM coffee break
  • 10:45 – 12:00 PM Arabic class
  • 12:00 – 1:00 PM Lunch break
  • 1:00 – 2:30 PM Arabic class
  • 2:30- 2:45 PM coffee break
  • 2:45- 4:00 PM Arabic class
  • All the extracurricular activities will be after 6:00 PM, and students will be informed by the administration.

2- What support is available for beginners?

This program is tailored for complete beginners. The Saifi team, consisting of administrators, instructors, and lecturers, is fully prepared to fulfill their respective roles in the program.


  • Administrators: Responsible for assisting with registration, addressing inquiries, and monitoring the program’s success.
  • Instructors: Focused on delivering daily Arabic lessons, adhering to the program’s framework, and implementing the syllabus provided by the administrators.
  • Lecturers: Provide insights into culture, art, and guide explorations of the city and beyond.

3- How will this program improve my Arabic proficiency?

The program is designed to target two complete levels in Urban Arabic. The complete beginner and elementary level.

Those two levels will tackle language proficiencies as follows:


Note: Students will be provided with a syllabus that shows a detailed overview of each day’s class and the content to be covered


Urban Arabic Book 1: Beginners’ Guide to the Alphabet for Levantine and Formal Arabic
This book simplifies the Arabic alphabet into families of similar shapes and introduces a unique font to make learning more accessible. It separates reading and writing from grammar for a more focused learning experience. The curriculum includes innovative features to streamline the learning process.

Urban Arabic Book 2: The Complete Beginner Level
This book builds on the basics, focusing on practical speaking, reading, and writing skills in Urban Arabic. It includes essential vocabulary and grammar, cultural engagement, and tools for constructing meaningful sentences. The lessons are designed to facilitate effective communication in everyday scenarios.

Urban Arabic Book 3: The Complete Elementary Level
In this level, students deepen their proficiency by expanding vocabulary and conversational skills for detailed discussions. The curriculum covers advanced grammar, complex adjectives, cultural vocabulary, and everyday topics. It ensures comprehensive language understanding for diverse communication needs.

4- Are there any assessments or exams?

Absolutely, students will be assessed before the start of the program and throughout the program to guarantee the progress of each student.

5- How can I prepare before the program starts?

All you need to do is to prepare yourself for an amazing experience, accept this challenge, and love the idea that you made it through!

We are confident that your time with us will not only enhance your language skills but also deepen your appreciation and connection to the Middle Eastern world and specifically to Lebanon. Prepare to be immersed, challenged, and inspired throughout your journey with SIASP.

Once again, welcome to SIASP 2024. We look forward to supporting you every step of the way and making this a transformative experience for you.

Can’t wait to see you at our premises in person.

The Saifi administration

Fees (Prices in USD)

Urban Arabic $1500

The fees for this course include:

  • 150 tuition hours.
  • All required books for the course.
  • Extra-curricular activities and field trips.
  • Free Wi-Fi in the school.

Health Insurance:

Saifi is not responsible for any Health insurance during your stay, therefore students must present a scanned copy of their insurance policy at the reception before they can commence the course.

Additional costs (not included in fees):

  • Travel to and from Lebanon.
  • Accommodation in Lebanon.
  • Additional learning resources.

How to Apply

  • Fill in the application form which can be found below
  • Email the application with all supporting documents to: siasp@saifiarabic.com
  • To ensure your place, once accepted you will need to pay the fees by Friday 14 June 2024.
  • If you have any questions before applying, please email them to siasp@saifiarabic.com


  • All students successfully completing the course are entitled to a certificate for each level they complete. Certificates of completion indicate the proficiency level, grade, number of hours, and date of course completion. Saifi Institute provides information for Urban Arabic on the level which corresponds to CEFR and ACTFL proficiency levels.
  • We also provide each student with a letter of recommendation that provides more detail on their performance in class, their grades, and their commitment to learning Arabic during their time with Saifi.

Situated in the vibrant heart of Beirut, Saifi Institute stands as a distinguished Arabic school, catering to foreign learners since 2008. Each year, we warmly welcome thousands of students from diverse corners of the globe to our esteemed institution. Boasting a conducive study environment, our purpose-built school is complemented by dedicated educators, excellent facilities, and meticulously crafted programs.


Saifi Institute proudly distinguishes itself as the sole language school in the Middle East offering an exclusive curriculum known as Urban Arabic, meticulously designed to teach the Levantine dialect from beginner to fluency. Pioneering the development of a comprehensive curriculum dedicated to the Levantine dialect, we facilitate seamless progression through successive levels. Our courses are thoughtfully structured, allowing students to transition between Urban and Formal Arabic effortlessly. Employing the Arabic script, we adopt a systematic approach to teaching grammar, reading, and writing, empowering students to progressively tackle more advanced texts as they hone their speaking skills. The Saifi method stands out for its efficacy in teaching Urban Arabic as a recognized, official language.

SIASP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an immersive Arabic course?

The immersive Arabic course is an intensive program designed for dedicated learners. It includes six hours of daily classroom instruction, five days a week, complemented by an additional two to three hours of homework each day. Enrolment is recommended only for individuals who are highly committed. By registering for SIASP, you acknowledge and commit to the demanding five-week study schedule. If this level of intensity seems overwhelming, consider our intensive courses as an alternative. These courses offer three hours of classroom time and approximately two hours of homework daily, which may be more manageable.

If I sign up for SIASP, will I be able to stop halfway if it’s too much?

The immersive Arabic course is an intensive program designed for dedicated learners. It includes six hours of daily classroom instruction, five days a week, complemented by an additional two to three hours of homework each day. Enrolment is recommended only for individuals who are highly committed. By registering for SIASP, you acknowledge and commit to the demanding five-week study schedule. If this level of intensity seems overwhelming, consider our intensive courses as an alternative. These courses offer three hours of classroom time and approximately two hours of homework daily, which may be more manageable.

I am not a university student; do I qualify for SIASP?

Absolutely! One of the key benefits of our summer program is its inclusivity—it’s open to everyone, not just university students. We›ve simplified the registration process to ensure it is straightforward and stress-free. To secure your spot in the course, simply submit your application either online or in person, and complete the payment of the course tuition fees. Once these steps are done, you’re all set to join

I am already a student at Saifi, am I eligible to apply for SIASP?

Yes! There are no restrictions on who can apply. The primary goal of this program is to accelerate the learning process and provide everyone with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Arabic, achieving optimal results in a short period of time. Additionally, the program includes extra-curricular activities and courses.

I am a complete beginner; do I need to know the Arabic alphabet?

If you›re a complete beginner, there’s no need to worry about prior knowledge of the alphabet, as learning the alphabet will be part of the course. However, if you already know the alphabet but have limited knowledge beyond that, an evaluation test will be required to assess your current level.

What is the difference between Saifi’s intensive courses and SIASP?

The immersive summer program is meticulously designed to expedite your Arabic proficiency, empowering you to conquer TWO levels in just 5 weeks, instead of the usual 10 week timeframe. This offer is currently available once a year. Beyond the intensive six hours of daily Arabic instruction, the program offers a rich array of additional activities. These encompass weekly Lebanese film nights, captivating storytelling sessions, field trips to explore local culture, engaging cooking classes, as well as enlightening talks by academics shedding light on different facets of Lebanese politics and society.

Do the fees include extracurricular activities and field trips?

Yes. All the extracurricular activities and field trips are included in the fees. If you require more information about the program, you can email us, and we will be more than happy to send you all details about the program.

Will I need to do an evaluation before being admitted to the program?

This year, we are offering the program for complete beginners. An assessment is not required as the course is specifically designed for this level, enabling participants to complete both beginner and elementary levels. If your proficiency is higher, an intensive course option is available. Additionally, if you are interested in extracurricular activities, we can arrange something similar for you.

When do I have to pay to ensure my place on the course?

Because this program is offered once per year, there is a high demand on joining it (10 students per class). It is advised upon acceptance into the course, it’s imperative to promptly settle the course tuition fees to secure your spot. The final payment for all tuition fees must be made by Friday, June ,14 2024. Failure to complete payment by this date may result in your place being reassigned to another participant.

Are Saifi’s regular classes still running during the summer program?

Yes, during the summer program, Saifi’s other courses will continue to run as usual. We offer various levels each term, ranging from complete beginners to experts, in both regular and intensive formats.

How many people will there be in each class?

There will be a maximum of 10 participants in each class.

I already work in Beirut; can I attend the program part-time? I want to work at the same time as attending this program, is this possible?

This program is highly immersive, requiring six hours of tuition five days a week, along with an additional 2-3 hours of homework per day, including weekends. Attempting to balance work alongside the program is not advisable if you aim to successfully complete the course. Additionally, students who miss classes without a medical reason may risk their eligibility to receive a certificate upon course completion.

Is it feasible to work while participating in this program?

This program is highly immersive, requiring six hours of class time per day, five days a week, in addition to mandatory extracurricular activities that complement the courses to achieve the program’s objectives. Additionally, 2-3 hours of homework per day are required. Attempting to balance work alongside the program is not advisable if you aim to successfully complete the course unless the work commitment is very minimal.

Do you offer university credit for this course?

t’s not uncommon for students to receive university credit for completed classes at Saifi. However, each university has its own unique requirements and standards. Saifi’s class levels (Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, etc.) align with the American (ACTFL) and European (CEFR) language proficiency criteria, facilitating the process for students to potentially obtain credits. If you’re interested in receiving credit for your language studies, we suggest printing out our course description and syllabus and having a discussion with the language department at your university or you can put us in contact with them to provide them with more information.

Will I receive a transcript/accreditation?

Upon successfully completing the course, all students are eligible to receive a certificate for each level they accomplish. These certificates of completion specify the proficiency level attained, the grade achieved, the number of instructional hours completed, and the date of course culmination. Saifi Institute ensures that information on each language level corresponds to CEFR and ACTFL proficiency standards. Additionally, students can request a letter of recommendation from Saifi Institute, offering further insights into their performance in class, their grades, and their dedication to Arabic language learning during their tenure at Saifi.

When should I apply for SIASP?

To secure your spot, we recommend applying and making payment as soon as you decide to join the program. Spaces are limited, and early application and payment are advised to guarantee enrolment. Registration typically opens around the end of April.

Do you offer accommodation?

Unfortunately, the program does not provide accommodation. However, we highly recommend Hamra Urban Gardens, a great facility offering excellent amenities such as a rooftop gym and authentic Lebanese cuisine “Em Nazih”. We suggest booking early, especially during the bustling summer months. For comprehensive details, please visit: www.hamragardens.com

What is the cost of living in Beirut?

Living expenses vary based on individual lifestyle choices. Renting a room in a shared apartment typically costs average 400$ or more per month. Living costs, including expenses for food and beverages, usually amount to 500$ or more per month, depending on preferences for dining out and socializing. Generally, opting for shared taxis and buses and preparing meals at home or opting for takeout can help keep food and travel expenses low. However, dining at restaurants and bars tends to be more expensive, with nightclubs being the costliest option.

Will I need a visa?

Many nationalities have the option to obtain a complimentary tourist visa valid for one month upon arrival at Beirut International Airport. For overstaying the visa (up to one year), a fine of 4,900,000 LL (approximately 50$) should be paid upon exit at the airport. It is recommended that you double check before traveling as requirements often change with little notice. You can find basic visa information on Lebanon’s General Security website: https://www.general-security.gov.lb/en

Why do I need to pay for health insurance?

Lebanon presently lacks a free healthcare system, and Saifi Institute cannot assume responsibility for your healthcare expenses during your stay in Lebanon. Upon arrival at the institute, you will be required to present proof of a health insurance policy that provides coverage for the entire duration of the program.

Does Saifi have a health insurance program I can purchase?

Unfortunately, no, students must arrange their health insurance with a provider in their home country. It is essential to bring evidence of your policy with you when you attend the course. Students cannot begin the program without providing proof of health insurance.

How can we change the dollar to Lebanese currency?

In Lebanon, there are numerous currency exchange locations available such as OMT/ Western Union etc.., whether you reside in Hamra, Gemayzeh, or any other area in Beirut. These exchange places provide services for converting currencies. Nowadays, paying in dollars is more convenient, as you can request the bill in dollars directly without the need to exchange money anymore.

Does Saifi have a list of recommended trusted sources, such as taxi drivers, travel agencies, hotels, gyms, trainers, cafeterias, and housing options?

Yes, we can certainly assist with that. Saifi has numerous contacts with trusted individuals and companies that are reliable and deliver professional work. You can request the necessary contacts directly through our WhatsApp number or in person, and we would be glad to help you.

Does Saifi have a social media page or WhatsApp group that we could join and engage with other fellow students?

Yes, Saifi Institute maintains social media pages to keep our students informed about the latest news, announcements, and new courses. We also post mini lessons on various topics based on students’ requests. You can follow us on: